Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition Released

Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition for Android

We have launched the latest instalment in our award-winning series of premium pocket references; Introducing Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Edition. The app includes detailed plant care sheets, articles and plant data for hundreds of indoor house plant species, in a fully searchable and browsable format. Suitable for gardeners and plant keepers of all ages and experience levels.

Learn how to care for hundreds of different houseplants with profiles dedicated to their specific and individual needs. Learn how to correctly perform care tasks such as watering, feeding, potting, pruning and propagating, and how to tackle problems, such as pests and diseases.

Our extensive database has been hand-curated and built from hundreds of hours of methodical research and consultation, it's our pride and joy.


✔ Huge A-Z of indoor plants, each with their own image and data.
✔ Hundreds of highly detailed profiles, covering a searchable index of over 2500 common names!
✔ Search or browse by common names, scientific names, family groups, or by combinations of properties, such as sizes, colours, water/food/soil requirements, ease of care, etc.
✔ Comprehensive glossary of horticultural terms and definitions.
✔ Mini-articles covering how-to's, pests, diseases and more.
✔ Directly compare plant profiles side-by-side.
✔ Calculation tools for various potting, soil and volume requirements.
✔ Per profile note-taking facility.
✔ Cloud backup & restore for notes, favourites & settings.
✔ Free database updates.

Available now on the Google Play Store:

Latest Updates

We have just released a round of new updates, including:

Update logs are available individually on their respective Google Play Store pages.

Tropical Fish Guide Pocket Edition v2.16

We have pushed a new version of our popular reference app to the Google Play servers.  This latest version introduces a brand new integrated community forum, new profiles and some enhanced cloud backup features.

Be sure to check out the forum and join in on the conversation.

Cloud Backup Service

We have just introduced our new cloud backup service, free for our Android™ app customers.  The first app to receive the feature is Crystal Guide Pocket Edition (v2.10), allowing users to perform hassle free backups of their in-app favourites, notes and settings straight to the cloud and restore/transfer to any number of devices.

The service will be available in our other apps shortly.

Widgets Updated

New Widget

Our widget sets have been updated to v1.65, which brings Android™ lockscreen support (4.2+) and also introduces a new larger size widget with detailed information.  

The widgets are available now on the 
Google Play Store.

Gem Carat Weight Calculator Released

Gem Carat Weight Calculator logoWe are proud to introduce our latest product - Gem Carat Weight Calculator, a professional grade calculation tool for jewellers, collectors and pawnbrokers.

By combining industry recognised formulae with our comprehensive array of gemstones and facets/cuts data, we are able to bring you an app that performs accurate calculations fast and efficiently! In addition to calculating weights and tolerance ranges, the app also has a thorough A-Z list of browsable gem data (300+ profiles, each with it's own image and geological profile and 60+ illustrated facet/cut types), including the ability to directly compare gem profiles.  Available now on the Google Play Store.



Maintenance patch for our Widget series

We have released patches for our widget series that improve device compatibility.

- Updated widget sizes to meet new UI guidelines - If you custom-resized any widgets, you may need to remove and re-add them to your homescreen.
- Brought profile pages in line with Pocket Edition applications.
- Updated arm and x86 libraries.
- Minor tweaks/bugfixes.

Tropical Fish Guide Pocket Edition v2.07 released

A new update for Tropical Fish Guide Pocket Edition has been released.  Changes include:

- Added new fish profiles: Columbian Tetra, Dwarf Rasbora, Freshwater Lionfish, Wasp Goby.
- Added new plant profile: Glossostigma elatinoides.
- Updated UI library.
- Restored list position after items are added to favourites.

Google License Server Down

25/03/2013 at 15:00
Google's licensing server is currently experiencing some problems causing intermittent licensing issues with all LVL based apps.   Google are aware of the problem and are working on a fix.  They have also posted an advisory on their known issues page under the 'Billing Issues' heading -


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